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December 6th

We here at are always looking for the best and most popular places to play.  If you are searching for the perfect stag or hen event in the UK,  Look no further!

UK Paintball specializes in stag/hen Paintballing events.  Just a handful of the most popular locations include; Paintball Bournemouth, Paintball Brighton, Paintball Birmingham, Paintball Manchester and Paintball Edinburgh.  Take the time to give these guys a try if you are ever playing overseas, they will make sure to take good care of you.  Just tell them that FirstCall sent you.

November 30th, 2010 has the newly revised Virtue Rotor board in stock and ready to ship.  The NEW Virtue Rotor board has an anti jam detection and will go in reverse using RF.  The rotor board comes with a new gear to make the reverse possible. always keeps you on the cutting edge with the newest paintball technology like the NEW Virtue Rotor board.

November 23, 2010 now has three now colors available in the Azodin Kaos paintball's marker line.  The blue with silver parts and gold with black parts are sure to be a hit but the new Digital Camo Azodin Kaos is definitely going to excite the woods ball beginner player.  At an introductory price of only $89.95, the new Azodin Kaos paintball markers are a great investment for any beginner paintball player. always has the newest guns and freshest colors in all of the Azodin paintball markers.

November 18, 2010

 New Empire Basic air systems are now available in 48/4500 and 88/4500 at First Call Paintball.   These high quality air systems feature an aluminum regulator that delivers constant pressure to insure you velocity stays the same in cold or warm weather.  With a five-year hydro test period, the empire basic 48/4500 or 88/4500 will definitely give you your money’s worth.  The empire basic 48/4500 nitro bottle is excellent for speedball players and should be good for approximately 900 shots per fill.   The empire basic 88/4500 nitro tank is sure to be a number one pick amongst scenario players due to its 1800 shot capacity.  You can always find the Empire basic nitrogen tanks in stock at First Call Paintball.

November 17, 2010

Virtue paintball has finally released the Virtue OLED Dye NT board.  This long awaited arrival is sure to be well received by current DYE NT owners.  With just the touch of a single button while the gun is live, you can make adjustments to the Game Timer, display the ROF Meter, or access any of Virtue OLED’s 8 Drill Modes without ever entering the programming menu.  The Virtue OLED DYE NT board is sure to be a must have for any serious tournament player.   For a limited time, you also receive a free Virtue Hopper Board of your choice with the purchase of any Virtue OLED board.  Get it while it’s hot and in stock, only at

October 13, 2010

Extreme Rage ER2 Pump Pistol
Early pictures reveal the KEE will be introducing an Extreme Rage ER2 pump pistol.  This pistol is shown to be a direct feed, probably using a 40 round loader, and is powered by a standard 12 gram.  The ER2 Pump pistol paintball marker is sure to fill a void for all of the scenario players that want to go back to basics. The ER2 pump pistol appears to be mirrored after some of the pump pistols of the late 1980’s but is heard to retail at a low cost of $39.95.   Be sure that First Call Paintball will be the first to have the Extreme Rage ER2 pump pistol in stock and ready to ship when they become available.

ER2 Pump Pistol

October 11, 2010

Ninja just released their SLP (Super Low Pressure) Regulator

The Ninja Super Low Pressure regulator is finally available for the Bob Long Victory and Bob Long G6R markers.  When you want to get the maximum amount of efficiency out of your Bob Long marker, we recommend that your purchase the Ninja SLP regulator.  The Ninja SLP regulator will offer consistent velocity with a minimum input pressure of 275 psi.  With the Ninja SLP regulator on your bottle, you will be able to maximize the amount of shots you receive on your Bob Long marker.  The Ninja SLP regulator is available at First Call Paintball and is available in a stand alone regulator or a bottle with regulator already installed.  Order your Ninja Super Low Pressure Regulator from First Call Paintball today.

October 11, 2010

Tippmann has kept all of the early Christmas shoppers in mind with this newest sales promotion.  Every Tippmann A5 receives a free collapsible stock, offer is good for all purchases from now until January 15, 2011.  Don’t get caught wishing you had received this Tippmann A5 collapsible stock offer.  There is a limited number of free Tippmann A5 collapsible stocks available so order  yours today.  First Call Paintball always has Tippmann A5 markers in stock and ready to ship, expect to receive your FREE Tippmann A5 collapsible stock within three to four weeks.  Please visit for more information concerning this incredible offer.

Tippmann is pleased to announce that we have a new rebate promotion planned for A-5 markers. From November 1 to January 15, we will provide the consumer with a FREE Collapsible Stock with the purchase of any new A-5 marker. What is new this year is that there is no rebate form for you to give your customers.  Instead, your customers log on to our web site or Facebook page to download their rebate form. All you have to do is supply the original sales receipt and the customer simply sends in the receipt, UPC and the form they downloaded. Since your customers apply online, most will receive their new stock in less than three weeks and many even sooner than that.

October 4, 2010

Dye Precision has lowered the DYE NT price.  At $1299.95 for the standard DYE NT paintball marker and only $1449.95 for the DYE NT PGA paintball markers, these are great deals not to pass up.  Do not get left out, these guns will not last long at this price.  If you are waiting to see what is new, be sure to find these discounted DYE NT paintball markers as well as the new DYE NT paintball gun line at our First Call Paintball booth at World Cup on October 21-24, 2010.


October 1, 2010

The Dangerous Powers G4 has not been on the market that long and the gurus at TechT have already released the new TechT G4 L7 bolt engine.  Lower operating pressure, shorter dwells, better consistency, better efficiency and lower sound signatures are several factors that make the TechT G4 bolt a must have for any serious paintball player.  The TechT G4 L7 engine bolt includes a completely tool-less back cap and comes with a lifetime warranty.  You can always find the hot new items like the TechT G4 bolt in stock and ready to ship at First Call Paintball.

Let the TechT MRT Phenom bolt turn your tippmann phenom into a paint slinging machine.  The new TechT Phenom bolt is lighter, faster and much more efficient than the stock phenom bolt.    You will see at least a 30 fps increase in velocity with the TechT MRT phenom bolt compared to the stock bolt.  The increase in efficiency is due to the combination of the soft-touch face- which helps seal the off the barrel when fired, the tremendous change in weight, and the high flow face.  You can always find the TechT phenom bolt in stock at the right price at First Call Paintball.

Septermber 27, 2010

Exalt paintball has done it again with the addition of the Vitamin G paintball gun grease and Vitamin O paintball gun oil, you are sure to keep your gun fined tuned and ready for action.  The Exalt Vitamin G works great with all spool valve guns that require a lot of grease.  Custom Product regulators or any other inline regulator will also benefit from the lubrication that the Exalt Vitamin G grease offers.  The Exalt Vitamin O oil works great in Ego’s or any other type of over and under bolt design.  A poppet valve gun that requires oil and not grease is sure to benefit from this fully synthetic product.   The Exalt Vitamin O oil also works great in rental markers and will not break down.  Be sure to know that you can always find the Exalt Vitamin G paintball gun grease and the Exalt Vitamin O paintball oil in stock and ready to ship at First Call Paintball.

September 21, 2010

The New Empire Axe paintball gun has been released and is sure to be a big hit in the tournament paintball gun market.  Empire has not released a lot of information on the Empire Axe, but be sure that First Call Paintball will bring you all the up to date information as it becomes available.  As of today, the basic information is that the Empire Axe has an upgraded regulator, a little larger body and a on/off asa. 

The Empire Axe is definitely a more improved and upgraded version of the invert mini.  With three colors currently scheduled for release around the middle of November, you are going to want to pre-order your Empire Axe paintball gun from First Call Paintball today.


3 colors are,   Dust Grey/Silver    Dust Olive/Earth   Dust Black

Empire AXE Marker

What do you need to cut through a forest of opposition...the AXE! The new Empire AXE is a Mini on steroids; bigger, badder and willing to punish opponents. The new shape and extended grip frame give you a comfortable firing position for all day play. The Empire Relay On/Off Regulator ASA makes air bottle removal using the lever, quick and easy. The unique push-button, tool-less bolt removal system makes maintaining the AXE simple, at the end of the day. All that was great in the Mini has been carried forward into a new design. The proven Mini break-beam eye system and electronics, power this marker to ultra fast firing that is gentle on paint. Wield the AXE, the newest paintball gun from Empire and cut down everyone in your way.

September 15, 2010

Planet Eclipse Ego11

The much anticipated release of the Planet Eclipse Ego11 is finally here.  Pictures of the Ego11 were released on Monday at the paintball extravaganza to dealers only.  We wanted to give you a sneak peek of what the new Ego11 was going to look like.  Full specs of the Planet Eclipse Ego11 are expected on Friday and videos of the Ego11 are to follow on Monday.  Stay tuned here at First Call Paintball to catch all the new release information concerning the Planet Eclipse Ego11.

September 13th, 2010

The long awaited Pinokio A5 paintball loader has finally arrived.  Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Pinokio Electronic Loader, the Pinokio A5 paintball loader offers up to 450 rounds of paintball capacity.  Never will you have to worry about running out of paint again.  Combine your Pinokio A5 paintball loader with the Pinokio 180 round paintball pods and you have maximized your paintball carrying possibilities.  Do not let the long nose fool you, with the Pinokio A5 paintball loader you can switch from 450 rounds back to 220 rounds with just a click of your nose cone.   You can always find the best paintball hoppers like the Pinokio A5 paintball loader at First Call Paintball.

August 31th, 2010 is attending Fulda GAP

Fulda Gap here we come!!!!!   On November 5-7th, 2010, FirstCall Paintball we be setting up our traditional “Bring it Deep and sell it Cheap” style booth at the national Fulda Gap scenario game in North Carolina.  We will be offering our traditional low prices along with some special deals here and there for our loyal customers.  Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some phat coupons especially designed for this event.

If you haven't come to experience Fulda Gap - this is definitely the year NOT to miss. Fulda Gap ranked in the TOP 8 MUST ATTEND EVENTS this year (according to Paintball 3X) and is a measuring stick for which teams and players alike measure future events they will attend.  They have it all, tanks, forts, hills, castles, almost everything a regular paintball player would like to see on the field.  Both food and product vendors will be on site, with FirstCall being the vendor of choice :O).  Camping areas will also be available (sorry, no RV hookups). The field is approximately 20 minutes away from Hickory, North Carolina which has numerous hotels - should you so choose.   Got a question, feel free to email them at:

August 17th, 2010

BT is now licensed to sell H&K marked paintball markers. More Info